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Chiropractic- It's that simple!-
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Chiropractic has been helping millions of people to help prevent chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, muscle trigger points, the formation of bone spurs, loss of movement, as well as muscle weakness and spasm.

Dr. Burr believes that for the body to be truly healthy, it is vital that your nervous system be functioning free of interference from subluxations.

It is refreshing to know that there is a safe & proven effective way to help you get the relief for the lifestyle you want and deserve now, as well as 5-10-20 years from now.

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Chiropractic as it is known today officially began in 1895 when Daniel David Palmer restored the hearing of Harvey Lillard by manually adjusting his neck.  This was the beginning of the relationship between the spine, the nervous system and what the nervous system controls.
Manipulation benefits were recorded long before this though.  Ancient writings from China and Greece dating between 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C. mention it.  In fact, Hippocrates, the famous Greek Physician published a text detailing the importance of manipulation.  So it's not really something new or questionable on the benefits; it has withstood the test of time.

Chiropractors are the only health care professionals that are trained to diagnose and treat what are called VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS. 

The patients benefit of the chiropractor correcting the subluxation or the "adjustment", is to free up the body's own healing ability.  By removing stress from the joints, nerves, discs, and all the surrounding tissue to include the muscles, the body can now do its work.  True healing comes from the body not to the body.  The chiropractors job is to help restore the body's innate wisdom to heal.

5 Components that contribute to Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC):

     1.  BONE COMPONENT-  where the  vertebra of the spine is either out of position, not moving properly, or are undergoing degeneration.  This frequently leads to a narrowing of the spaces between the bones through which the nerves pass: often resulting in irritation or impingement of the nerve itself.

     2.  NERVOUS COMPONENT- is the disruption of normal flow of energy along the nerve fibers, causing the messages traveling along the nerves to become distorted and affecting the communication between the brain and the body cells, tissue and organs.

     3.  MUSCULAR COMPONENT- since nerves control muscles and muscle can affect the spinal alignment, it's no wonder subluxations may not go away by themselves.  In todays times of chronic stress it is even more important to monitor your spine.

     4.  SOFT TISSUE COMPONENT- VSC will also affect the surrounding tendons, ligaments, blood supply, and other tissues as the misaligned vertebrae tug and squeeze the connective tissue with tremendous force.  Over time, the soft tissues can become stretched out or scarred, leaving the spine with either a permanent instability or restriction.

     5.  CHEMICAL COMPONENT- is the change in chemistry of the body due to VSC.  Most often, the chemical changes, such as the release of kinins, are pro-inflammatory; meaning that they increase inflammation in the affected area.

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